What are other’s saying about The Little Book of Hope...?

- Dr. John Demartini

I'm here to tell you that when I started Ade's book, The Little Book of Hope, I couldn't put it down. I found it both informative and inspiring, and often very funny.

And I believe this book is a much-needed resource and will be treasured for many years to come. The tools outlined in this book are uplifting and encouraging to all those who are seeking help and direction.

I know in my heart that this little book which was written with a big heart will not only help people who are stroke survivors or healing from an illness, it's also an insightful guide to everyday life for anybody who is facing any kind of challenge in their life.

Jack Canfield, Co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series and The Success Principles Also featured teacher in the movie, The Secret.

The fierce determination of Ade and Kate to overcome their tremendous challenges, and their very evident and profound love for each other was incredible. The Little Book of Hope is a must-read for anyone who faces adversity, and for those of us who help care for them.

Associate Professor Peter Hwang, Neurosurgeon, The Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

What a story. Told with wit and wisdom. Yours is the best book about stroke since Ron Saw wrote The One-Fingered Typist decades ago, back when people didn't talk about it. Love your sense of humor and irony. It is a massive, magic weapon … You are right, Ade, it gets you through.

Derryn Hynch, Journalist, Television and Radio Presenter, Writer and Human Headline (www.humanheadline.com.au)

How right you are! About everything in the book! And it explains your incredible progress, both physically and mentally. Others I know, and for whom I have had the honor of caring, do succumb to insidious depression, and some never get out of it. Your book should be out there on the shelves and talked about on radio and TV.

Lanita Idrus, Publisher, The ASIA Miner, Publisher Coal Age Asia, Director, Mining Media International (Australia) Pty Ltd, former Senior Lecturer Faculty of Dentistry, Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Melbourne and Head of Department of Nursing Practice, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia

So when you think your life sucks and you whinge about it to your partner or your friends or your mum, you might want to take a deep breathe and grab a copy of this beautiful book. Because what Ade has been through is truly awful, and truly sucks.

Imagine being a dynamic, funny, gregarious, and creative guy one minute, living the life with your talented gorgeous wife.

Then imagine all that disappearing in an instant. Bam. How on earth do you deal with that? Ade and Kate tell their story openly and honestly, resulting in this very special book, which made me cry but also made me nearly wet my pants I laughed so hard.

The Little Book of Hope is a tonic for your body and mind and soul and I highly recommend it to ANYONE and EVERYONE who is just trying to live life.

Jane Kennedy, Producer, presenter and author

This little book is a gem. Don't put it on a shelf. Keep it by your bed. Pick it up anytime and turn to any page. It's a lucky-dip of simple uplifting wisdom.

Santo Cilauro, Producer, presenter and author

Wow!!!! It is fantastic! I LOVE IT!! It is just so spontaneous and comes from the heart. Ade, you are obviously a natural with words and can bring humor to a very serious event/situation without diminishing the seriousness of it. I must admit there were parts that I found really funny, for example, requests relating to how you would like your skull bone returned. I also loved the bit about the caged hen fantasizing about becoming free range! I love the internal GPS and also the emphasis on how our response to situations is what really counts. Everything you say makes so much sense and is truly inspirational when it comes from a person who has been through what you have been through. I can see you and Kate becoming ambassadors for the Stroke Foundation and delivering talk after talk. Anyone who has suffered a stroke or is a carer/loved one of a stroke survivor will hugely benefit from hearing your words.

Sophe Kimonides, Neuropsychologist, Melbourne, Australia

My dear Ade, I finally got to read your book cover to cover on my flight from Jakarta. I had tears in my eyes reading every page. It was as if you were telling me all this in one catch-up over several Roti Canai's. It never fails to amaze me just how you managed to keep that crazy sense of humor of yours through this entire adventure. But then again, that's always been you. You always had a smile and a funny story for anyone, even in the toughest of times. I should have nagged harder at you to quit smoking, and I should have dragged you into my car to send you home when you were chained to your office desk till the wee hours after I 'poached' you (which I'm so glad I did). You just always gave too much of yourself, Ade. Bless you. Still, I dare say you've come out of this drama in a far better condition, mentally and spiritually, than you've ever been. And married yourself the kindest, most gorgeous angel in God's lineup. Your book is sure to lift many, many souls, Ade. And it will remind everyone to be grateful and positive and to learn to laugh a whole lot more. I'm going to make EVERYONE I know read this!

Tiara Jacquelina, Award winning Malaysia Producer and Actress, and passionate arts advocate

Really enjoyed it. I think you write really well and I just wanted to continue reading it. Funny but not too funny and lots of great advice on general good living, not just post-stroke stuff.

Wilma Swaik, Rehabilitation Social Worker, Caulfield Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

When I first heard that my father had a stroke, I felt a large part of my world had collapsed around me. I was told that the chances of him making it through the coma were slim, and that if he managed to wake up, he may never speak, move or communicate again. I felt broken at the thought of not being able to help him. Never before had I prayed so hard to not lose someone I loved so dearly.

As I watched my father slowly ascend on the road to recovery, something profoundly changed in me and in the way I viewed the world. I realized that believing in yourself, and taking each day one step at a time, knowing things will be better than the day before, can truly make all the difference. My father, against all odds, proved that his will was so strong... he would look death straight in the face and not blink. When they said he would spend several months, maybe even years in the hospital, he defied those odds. When they said he may never be able to stand up or walk again, he defied those odds. He never lost hope, and showed me, our family, so many others, and himself, that you CAN achieve what someone tells you is not possible.

Even as his teenage son, I don't think I will ever be able to comprehend just how much the stroke affected him. In fact I don't think anyone can imagine the kind of journey someone like my dad has gone on, except others who had been down this same path. This book provides great insight into what stroke survivors have been through and how to provide support for those in need. Most importantly, it proves just how much a little bit of hope can go a long way. I've never been more proud to be his son!

Jesse Djajamihardja, Student and son of author

Kate & Ade - this book is amazing. I have just finished reading it for the first time - it is a book I will want to pick up time and time again. It is a living manifestation of the teachings of the many Gurus to whom you refer and yet it is more ... shared from within so that we might all benefit. It will be a reference journal, a bible, a self-help book, an inspirational tool kit for so many who need hope. I feel so blessed to have met you and to know your story, to have seen you work together to climb those stairs you must ascend every hour of every day. I have come to expect the humor, humility, gracefulness and frankness, and those who have not yet met you will be just as charmed. But above all else it is a book of love - maybe the Beatles did get it right after all!

Dr Gerard O'Hare CBE DL FRICS, Ambassador for HRH The Prince of Wales for Corporate Social Responsibility