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The "Little Book of Hope" is no longer available in it's current form BUT is coming back bigger and better than ever, in a new and improved expanded version! The writers have been working hard with Affirm Press to produce even more inspirational views, stories and insights of responding positively to life's challenging adversities, based on the many learnings gained from - and since Ade's massive brain hemorrhage stroke misadventure that even his neurosurgeons were unsure if he would survive. The next incarnation of "The Little Book of Hope" will be available in stores from May 2016.

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ade-kateAde Djajamihardja has been a Screen Media Professional for nearly thirty years, at both National and International level. Ade’s professional career began in 1988, when he worked as Floor Manager for the ABCTV’s News at just 19 years of age. His professional career then progressed to Assistant Director positions with ABC's Light Entertainment, Comedy and Drama Units for such iconic Australian programs as: "Countdown Revolution”, “The Big Gig", "DAAS KAPITAL, "The Late Show" and "Phoenix”. Overseas expatriate tenures then followed in Singapore and Malaysia where he co-produced the biggest historical epic film in Malaysia's history “Puteri Gunung Ledang” aka “A Legendary Love”, which was also the first film from Malaysia to be short-listed to be considered for Oscar nomination.

Ade, with wife and primary carer, Kate Stephens, own and run A2K Media, which they formed in 2007. A2K Media specializes in media collaborations with Asia- - and beyond. It was during this era of Ade’s life that he co-created and executive produced both Indonesian Film Education Screenings and the Australian Malaysian Film Festival. He also co-produced the Indonesian feature film “Kambing Jantan” (Male Goat) and was one of the producers for GNW TV’s “Salam Café”, which was a pioneering comedy panel talk show that screened on SBS; based on life within Australia’s Muslim community.

Ade Djajamihardja and Kate Stephens holding the Best-Seller award.

Ade Djajamihardja and Kate Stephens holding the Best-Seller award.

As life's twists would have it, Ade joined the board of the not-for-profit organisation, Disability Media Australia, just three days prior to suffering a massive brain hemorrhage stroke. Due to this stroke, Ade required emergency life-saving brain surgery under an induced coma, seven months in hospital, learning how to sit upright, feed himself, then learning how to read and speak clearly and coherently. He was not expected to survive. He is now in the process of learning to walk (and hopefully dance) again! Ade is looking forward to making a substantial contribution to advance the rights, inclusion and increased visibility of people with disabilities in the media, by sharing their stories and their talent. Ade together with his wife Kate, has written his first book, The Little Book of Hope for Stroke Survivors, Care Givers and Anyone Else Going Through a Really Shit Time. Ade’s wish is that this book will inspire, motivate and give hope to stroke survivors and care givers as well as anyone else who may be struggling. This book aims and encourage others to respond positively to life’s adversities and also hopefully heed as a warning to many, so that they will stop and count their blessings, prioritize their life, so that a major health disaster is prevented and a balanced happy life prevails.

Ade is currently studying the Master of Screen Arts and Business at AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School). A second book is due to be published by Affirm Press in May 2016. This is a extension and expansion of his first book.

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I’m here to tell you that when I started Ade’s book, The Little Book of Hope, I couldn’t put it down. I found it both informative and inspiring, and often very funny. And I believe this book is a much-needed resource and will be treasured for many years to come. The tools outlined in this book are uplifting and encouraging to all those who are seeking help and direction. I know in my heart that this little book which was written with a big heart will not only help people who are stroke survivors or healing from an illness, it’s also an insightful guide to everyday life for anybody who is facing any kind of challenge in their life.
~ Jack Canfield,
Co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series and The Success Principles, and featured teacher in the movie, The Secret


The Little Book of HOPE

For Stroke Survivors, Care Givers and Anyone Else Going Through a Really Tough Time is a must read for anybody experiencing adversity. Ade provides a practical toolbox for facing life's little (and sometimes HUGE) challenges.

- Dr. John Demartini

What most affects those who read of Ade's trial by fire (two brain hemorrhage strokes) and his subsequent rise from the ashes is how much we can ALL relate to him. Illness or life's storms can occur for ANYBODY. With Ade's authentic warmth, humor and his brutal honesty in recounting his experiences, you'll read a firsthand account with the potential to change the course of your life. For many reasons this mini handbook could be titled, "The Little Book of Life - It's never too late to Change".

Whether you've only bought this for yourself or also gifted it to others, learn, laugh and share the love as you enjoy the Little Book of Hope for Stroke Survivors, Care Givers and Anyone Else Going Through a Really Shit Time. Chances are, it's what you and your loved ones, most need RIGHT NOW!

"I found it moving and very inspiring. I don’t know why but as I read it I felt that behind this book, there’s a powerful word or feeling, or emotion (all and more), particularly behind the word “Hope” and that's LOVE. Your list of tools are universal. It’s fabulously helpful for people who are healing physically and an insightful guide for everyday life too. I’m sure that your book, built with the foundations of love, is already spreading a healing message, (and with humour too - I giggled a number of times)."

- Arie Hirsh, Writer/Filmmaker, Sydney, Australia

"Thanks for writing the book Ade. The book you are writing is very important as there aren't many books or simple books for stroke patients. My dad had a stroke and when I was looking for information to rehabilitate and help him - there just wasn't much around.

Stroke patients and caregivers need all the help and real advice they can get. Keep it real"

- Galen Yeo, Galen Yeo, Creative Director, The Moving Visuals Co., Singapore

"The Little Book of Hope is an uplifting and yet nakedly honest insight into Ade's injury and ongoing recovery. The warm, jovial tone of the storytelling interwoven with his very unique, loveable play on words makes you feel like you’re right there, sitting next to your best buddy!"

- Gavin Emmanuel, Independent producer and Director -Foreground Media

"I've now read your wonderful book twice (and some chapters more than that!) and loved it. It’s really inspiring, even for those of us facing minor challenges, or just wanting to get the most out of life (made myself a few post-its as I read!) Very inspiring, positive. An easy, engaging read. Authentic, warm, generous. Tools easy to grasp."

- Jennie Younger, mother and student of Naturopathy, Melbourne, Australia

"An insightful and humorous account of a tough journey. It will have you laughing and learning on every page. Read it."

- Dr Phillip Marzella (PhD)

Simply enter your info below to receive our free poster download:
10 Tools to Help You Triumph Over
Any Adversities in Your Life.

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You will also receive inspirational messages from Ade.