The Little Book With A Big Heart

~ Jack Canfield,

Co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series and The Success Principles, and featured teacher in the movie, The Secret

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 Ade provides a practical toolbox for facing life's little (and sometimes HUGE) challenges.

Dr. John Demartini

Human behavioral specialist, educator, International bestselling author, consultant and founder of the Demartini Institute

What most affects those who read of Ade's trial by fire (two brain hemorrhage strokes) and his subsequent rise from the ashes is how much we can ALL relate to him.

Illness or life's storms can occur for ANYBODY.

With Ade's authentic warmth, humor and his brutal honesty in recounting his experiences, you'll read a firsthand account with the potential to change the course of your life.

For many reasons this mini handbook could be titled, "The Little Book of Life - It's never too late to Change".

Whether you've only bought this for yourself or also gifted it to others, learn, laugh and share the love as you enjoy the Little Book of Hope for Stroke Survivors, Care Givers and Anyone Else Going Through a Really Shit Time.

Chances are, it's what you and your loved ones, most need RIGHT NOW!

Ade, with wife and primary carer, Kate Stephens

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We all face tragedy. It’s what we learn from that tragedy that makes the difference...

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This is the remarkable story of Ade and his wife, Kate, and how hope steered them through the darkest of days...


Told with Ade’s signature positivity, humour and empathy, The Little Book of Hope is full of fascinating insights and practical tools that will warm, inspire and guide anyone facing tough times.

Santo Cilauro, Producer, Presenter and Author says...

"This little book is a gem. Don’t put it on a shelf. Keep it by your bed. Pick it up anytime and turn to any page. It’s a lucky-dip of simple uplifting wisdom."

Sophe Kimonides, Clinical Neuropsychologist, says...

"Ade and Kate have written a very honest and frank account of life after stroke.  Their book is peppered with a good sense of humour and very practical tools which have assisted their amazing progress down the road of recovery.   The carer’s perspective provides invaluable advice and certainly demonstrates that while stroke strikes an individual the effects are a ‘family affair’.  I have used contents of the book to inspire other stroke survivors and have derived personal inspiration...  I highly recommend this book to all stroke survivors and their families and to anyone who wishes to be equipped with tools to face the everyday challenges of life."

Annie Ainslie, Stroke Survivor, Convenor Neurosurgery Support Group and Pastoral Care Practitioner, says...

"As a stroke survivor myself, I could relate to Ade & Kate's journey, and found this book very helpful and uplifting.  I highly recommend it as a great resource tool for anyone dealing with a brain injury, their loved ones and support team.

For those working in the health care industry and anyone who is wanting to better their own lives or help others to do so, this is a fabulous read.

The book covers very important and sensitive topics, is presented honestly, in a fun, positive and easy to read format, that inspires and offers hope to the reader."

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Tiara Jacquelina, Award winning Malaysia Producer and Actress, and Passionate Arts Advocate says...

"Your book is sure to lift many, many souls, Ade. And it will remind everyone to be grateful and positive and to learn to laugh a whole lot more. I’m going to make EVERYONE I know read this!"

John Van Wisse, Current World Record Holder of the "Arch to Arc" Ultra Triathlon, says...

"I highly recommend Ade's "Little Book of Hope" to anyone participating in a sporting challenge or perhaps just looking for ways to face adversity, or seeking new ideas in dealing with life's many "curve balls".

I know I'll be thinking of Ade's many coping mechanisms when facing the more confronting moments when I swim the English Channel in my attempt to break my own current world record for the "Enduroman "Arc to Arch" ultra triathlon".

Ade Djajamihardja had a pretty great life, a loving partner and an exciting career...

But in a matter of seconds, his world was utterly transformed.

Following a massive haemorrhage stroke, Ade was placed in an induced coma, and his family were warned that even if he lived, he might never eat or speak again.

Totally dependent on others, no longer able to read or write, and barely able to move, he faced a long path to recovery. But Ade chose to fight...


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